Methylene Blue Review, Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects | November 2021

Methylene Blue has been called many things; a wonder drug, a magic bullet, a panacea…

The truth is it’s all that and much more.

Methylene blue review

In fact, there’s even been research showing Methylene Blue to be an effective medication against the virus currently plaguing our world!

This Methylene Blue review will show you exactly what dosage to take, the benefits this nootropic has, side effects you might experience and where to buy pharmaceutical grade Methylene Blue.

With that in mind, let’s get started!

What is Methylene Blue

Methylene Blue, also called Methylthioninium Chloride is the first synthetic drug to be synthesized with human use in mind, more specifically, for the treatment of malaria.

There is over 120 years of research behind this potent nootropic, which makes it quite safe to use.

In essence, Methylene Blue is a dye used in the textile industry but also has nootropic and many other qualities which we’ll explore below.

How Does It Work

Methylene Blue crosses the brain-blood barrier with ease and affects numerous processes in the brain.

First things first, it modulates ATP production, which basically means more energy for the brain through mitochondria.

Methylene Blue both acts as an electron carrier and donor, which helps with mitochondrial respiration, a process crucial for the production of energy in the brain.

Secondly, Methylene Blue destroys superoxide in the brain and turns it into water. Superoxide is a free radical created through the process of respiration.

This means that Methylene Blue first increases energy production, which may lead to oxidative stress but also prevents the latter from occurring by acting as a potent antioxidant.

Last thing to mention is the special mechanism of Methylene Blue in the brain. It is hormetic in its response, which means that at lower dosages, it will provide benefits associated with its use, while at higher dosages, it will produce an opposite effect.

More on this in the ‘dosage’ section.

Is Methylene Blue Legal

In the US, Methylene Blue is a prescription medication but you can still buy it for research purposes without any problems.

For the first time in 2016, the FDA has approved Methylene Blue as a medication for the treatment of methemoglobinemia.

In other countries of the world, including Australia, this compound is not banned and it’s safe to buy it, but to keep it 100% legal, it’s best to buy it for research purposes.

Don’t worry, at the end of the article, we’ll show you the best source for buying Methylene Blue.

Methylene Blue Benefits

1. Improves Retention and Long-Term Memory

One study on twenty rats has revealed Methylene Blue to increase spatial memory, object detection and retention.

The rats were given Methylene Blue post-training and it increased energy output in brain regions responsible for memory and learning.

This led the researchers to conclude that Methylene Blue is an effective memory enhancer.

2. Improves Logical Thinking And Creativity

One study performed in 2016 found that taking low doses of Methylene Blue improves connectivity between the left and right hemisphere of the brain.

Dosages up to 4mgs per kg were used, which amounts to 280mgs per day for an average adult weighing 70kgs.

This resulted in more creativity in the participants and they also reported entering a flow state much easier.

3. Improves Concentration

Another study done in 2017 explored the effects of Methylene Blue on the Default Mode Network (DMN).

The DMN is a brain network composed of several different regions that make you think about other people and about the future and past.

It’s also thought to affect perception about oneself.

Methylene Blue has been shown to lessen the influence of the DMN on subjects, which led to improved concentration and less wandering thoughts.

4. Improves Alertness And Attention Span

Methylene Blue positively affects the cholinergic system in the brain, according to this study.

This means that it helps keep acetylcholine levels high in the brain, which in return leads to improved alertness and a better attention span.

5. Improves Depression and Increases Motivation

Methylene Blue is a MOAI, which translates to monoamine oxidase A inhibitor.

Since the function of MOA is to break down neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, the fact that Methylene Blue inhibits its function leads to increased neurotransmitter count in the brain.

Dopamine increases response to rewards.

This leads to a better mood and increased motivation.

Lastly, low serotonin levels have been linked to depression.

There are countless other benefits of Methylene Blue, such as its anti-aging and longevity properties, its positive effect against Alzheimer’s disease, in bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and so on.

We focused on its nootropic benefits but if you dig just a bit deeper, you’ll find Methylene Blue to resemble a cure-all in medicine.

Methylene Blue Dosage And Half-Life

As previously mentioned, Methylene Blue has a hormetic response curve when used on human subjects.

This means that high dosages are not recommended and could even lead to fatal outcomes such as serotonin syndrome.

From a clinical perspective, dosages between 0,5mgs per kg and 4mgs per kg are considered low.

However, a 70kg person imbuing 280mgs of Methylene Blue every day is a bit too much.

We recommend dosing Methylene Blue up to 2mgs per kg, as that represents a safe dosage with low chances of side effects.

This dosage is supported by scientific literature and will yield the best results.

A good starting dosage would be 0,5mgs per kg of bodyweight, this will let you gradually increase the dosage until you feel comfortable with the effects of Methylene Blue.

Also important to note is that Methylene Blue has a half-life of 5,25 hours.

This means that you’ll have to take it twice a day to feel the effects throughout the day.

We recommend taking half in the morning and half when you’re done eating dinner.

Methylene Blue Side Effects

Methylene Blue has been used in humans for over 100 years and in low dosages, it hasn’t shown any significant side effects.

Yes, it will cause your tongue and urine to turn blue but these are cosmetic side effects and won’t cause you any harm.

Other adverse effects you can expect are an upset stomach, headaches, nausea and high blood pressure.

The latter is important to note if you’re suffering from hypertension, since Methylene Blue is sometimes used in the treatment of low blood pressure.

Don’t use Methylene Blue if you have hypertension.

Also, don’t use antidepressants or anything that affects dopamine and serotonin, since it can cause the aforementioned serotonin syndrome.

You shouldn’t stack Methylene Blue with other nootropics, it’s strong enough on its own.

At higher concentrations, Methylene Blue can upset stomach biome but that’s the last thing to worry about since all the other positive effects of this compound get reversed:

It will start acting as a pro-oxidant in the brain, further causing damage to your nerve cells.

That’s just one reason why you should NEVER take more than 2mgs per kg of Methylene Blue.

Where to Buy Methylene Blue

To save money, many people are buying industrial grade Methylene Blue used in aquariums.

This is obviously a bad idea since it has been proven that various contaminants, such as mercury, arsenic and lead start accumulating in your tissues.

This might not be an immediate problem but years down the road, it could cause some serious issues.

That’s why the only compound safe for human consumption is pharmaceutical grade Methylene Blue.

You can find the best pharmaceutical grade Methylene Blue at the most economical prices in our recommended list of vendors.


Methylene Blue is a really great nootropic with lots of use cases and applications in the real world.

However, one has to be careful before blindly jumping into the compound, as high dosages and impure products could cause some heavy damage.

All in all, this Methylene Blue review has shown us all the wonders of this potent nootropic.

Remember to stay safe at all times!

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