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Wether it would be Modafinil, Racetams, Vitamins, L-Tyrosine or literally any other Nootropic out there, we’ve tested out Nootropics from almost every single company on the market. We keep testing the products from companies on a weekly basis.

We’ve found out that many Nootropic companies out there sell bunk or underdosed products, likely to save on the production costs and make more money. These products won’t get you the effects that you’re looking for and can be dangerous to your health.

Because of this, we’ve made the recommended companies list. Here you can find reputable companies that we’ve quality tested ourselves and can vouch for as well as discount codes for their products so you can save money when buying high-quality Nootropics.

If you have any doubts when buying Nootropics or chooing a company, email us at and we’ll try our best to help you out!

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Quick links (click on what kind of Nootropic you’re looking for):

Normal Nootropics is a great source for the “normal Nootropics”.

Use the discount code NATURAL10 for 10% off (this is the biggest discount code possible for


Chemyo is a great source for Nootropics.

They don’t have a huge selection but the products they have are amazing.

Their shipping is very fast and customer support is top notch!

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